Buying A Home

My daughter asked me a few years ago to help her boyfriend find a place to rent. I asked her “Why rent? Why not buy?” She said they didn’t know how to buy a house or if he would qualify. Well, I told her boyfriend to get qualified to see if he can purchase a home; if not, then we’ll look at rentals. Sure enough, he qualified with his income and fico score to purchase a cute one story home with 3 bedrooms, 1 car attached garage, and huge backyard!

A few years later, he decided to go back to school and moved-in with his dad. So he rented his cute little house for more then the monthly mortgage payment.

And when he’s ready to sell, he has enough equity to pay off his student loans or take a trip to Europe!

Happy ending to a good story. Wish my son would have listened to me…sigh

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